How To Download Torrent At Faster Speed

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Trick 1 : based on torrent client
First tip to speed torrent download is to use Vuze instead of other torrent clients. However if you still insist on using other torrent forms here are some tips that might give you a boost in enhancing your download speed….
Trick 2 : based on upload and download rates
Step-1 go to option—preference in your utorrent client
Step-2 click on bandwidth option
Note :- follow the image given below
screenshot1 How To Download Torrent At Faster Speed
Step-3 update the max upload rate and max download rate to zero
Trick 3 : based on connection port
Step-1 select connection( it appears in the left hand menu as per the figure below)
screenshot2 How To Download Torrent At Faster Speed
Step-2 select the random port option and change your port
(Note:- The basic reason to change the port is sometimes the ISP allocated blocks the torrent download so by generating new port we can overcome the problem)
Trick 4 : based on tcp connection
Step-1 download patch from
Step-2 open this file in command prompt and run it
1. This way you can increase your no. of connections
2. It’ll ask for restart of system after applying the settings, so do restart the system
Trick 5 : based on tracker manipulation (most effective)
Step-1 download tracker list from

step-2 now go to property of the torrent’s having slower download speed and right click on the torrent in utorrent.
screenshot3 How To Download Torrent At Faster Speed

Step-3 now in the above content box paste the content of the file recently downloaded
Step-4 make sure to check “Enable DTH”, “peer exchange” and “local peer discovery”
Step-5 click on OK.

NOTE: all the above tricks work….. tried and tested…..

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  1. awesome trick for increasing torrent speed… :D

  2. rj says:

    I know a trick that is better. I can download a torrent via IDM with the help of two websites.

  3. supreet says:

    this is for those who doesnt hav idm installed in der system….

  4. Sumit raj says:

    it’s really work bro.

  5. Does anyone want any web hosting?

  6. Hacker says:

    Click this link to download torrent speed upgrader

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