5 Most Notorious Hacking Groups Of All Time

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The Hackers and the hacking groups are back in lime light with recent attacks over the playstation and different websites. The hackers were very famous in 80s and 90s but their fame faded during Y2k days. So as the hacking groups are on a rise now so here we list some of the most notorious hacking groups of all time.

Masters Of Deception (MOD)

This group was famous for their operations related to the credit cards. This group hacked into the system and stole the credit card history of stars like Julia Roberts and as well as hacked the AT&T’s system for stealing the credit card numbers . The founders of this group were Acid Phreak, Scorpion and HAC and it was a New York based group. MOD was the archrival of Legion of Doom and made a mockery out of it. It said that LOD has lost its direction which resulted in the shifting of the famous hacker Mark Abene (a.k.a Phiber Optik) from LOD to MOD. The days of MOD got over when the FBI and the Secret service arrested the members and locked them behind bars.
MOD 5 Most Notorious Hacking Groups Of All Time

Legion of Doom (LOD)

LOD was the biggest enemy of the Masters of Deception (MOD) and one of the most notorious groups of all time. The founder of this group was Lex Luthor (Real Name: Vincent Louis Gelormine) . This group used to publish different journals which used to contain hacking knowledge and information and also used to hack major government related websites.In 1990-1991 this group fought a net based war ,which used Internet,X.25 and the telephone networks, with the MOD which is so famous that the war is known as The Great Hacker War. LOD launched a program which assisted the corporations which were the prey of the Masters of deception. And in the end The great war ended with the loss of LOD and the victory of Masters of Deception.
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Milw0rm shot to fame in the year 1998 when they hacked into the systems of Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC) which is the main nuclear center in India. They stole the recent experiment reports and emails and also destroyed 2 of 8 servers. This brought a lot of coverage to the group. The fascinating thing about this group was that it was a teenage group with the youngest member being only 15 years old. After the attack on BARC the group managed successful attacks on the sites of World Cup, Wimbledon, Hotel Ritz , Saudi Royal Family and Drew Barrymore.
Milw0rm To Shut Down 2 5 Most Notorious Hacking Groups Of All Time


This is not technically a hacker group but this group has originated on 4chan boards. This group is one of the most feared groups today. This has the reputation of hacking into the Sony’s Playstation network. The name given to this hacking was #opsony which was a part of the Operation Payback. The motive behind the attack was to bring down the lawsuit that was on a group called Geohot which cracked the PS3 and posted it in Youtube . Apart from this attack, the group is also held responsible for the attacks on the Church of Scientology websites, HB Gary Federal and Westbro Baptist Church. The group s still going strong and some of the major companies are on the edge of their seats thinking who’s next….
Anon PayBack AnonymousArtwork top 5 Most Notorious Hacking Groups Of All Time

Red Hacker Alliance

This is supposedly the largest hacking group in the world as the members are about 80,000. The group was formed when the group started to oppose the ethnic riots in Jakarta, Indonesia. This group used to operate with the name China Redhackers, thus forming a new breed of hackers known as the RedHackers. This group is basically Chinese and is held responsible for the attacks on the CNN website in 2008 . This group has a very huge base and has over 250 websites linked to it. Recently another hacking group named Honker Union has joined hands with this group making it even more stronger.

RedStar for RedHackers by redhack 5 Most Notorious Hacking Groups Of All Time
So these are some of the most notorious hacking groups of all time.
But remember Hacking is real fun only if you are a hacker.

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    Just a note: Geohot is a person, not a group.

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    Wow.. really amzaing article… Hacking is always fun

  3. hacking is a waste of time.. Hack with a sword you cowards.

    • Nick Meisher says:

      Hiding behind a corny handle, no need to guess you are a World of Warcraft player. You good, probably got a kung foo grip from practicing during those many lonely weekend nights.

      Spending time to reply that hacking is a waste of time after reading a decent size article about hacking.. is a waste of time.

      Hack with a Sword? The one with +2 against creatures living in their mama basement? Anything else? Good boy. Go fetch.

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