10 Funniest Movies of 2011-2012

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I have always been thrilled by the thought of watching a movie and that too on the first day.I have been a hardcore comedy fan since my childhood, the humor in a movie is what i always look for as laughter is a great stress buster. Movies are one of the main entertainment sources in this world. Some crazy movie lovers like me would see a movie hundreds of times and still be entertained as if they are watching it for the first time. So for all those movie buffs out there, here are some of the most rib-tickling movies that are a must watch in 2011-12.

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10: Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Rodrick Rules:

diary of a wimpy kid rodrick rules movie poster 2011 1020689680  10 Funniest Movies of 2011 2012




9: Gnomeo and Juliet



gnomeo and juliet poster  10 Funniest Movies of 2011 2012



8. No Strings Attached

nostringsattached  10 Funniest Movies of 2011 2012



7. Your Highness

your highness 3 535x791  10 Funniest Movies of 2011 2012



6. The Dilemma

the dilemma poster  10 Funniest Movies of 2011 2012



5. Hall Pass

Hall Pass trailer  10 Funniest Movies of 2011 2012



4. Just Go With It

JustGoWithIt  10 Funniest Movies of 2011 2012



3. The Hangover 2

The Hangover Part 2 wallpaper  10 Funniest Movies of 2011 2012



2. Rio

Rio Movie 320x480  10 Funniest Movies of 2011 2012



1. Rango

rango  10 Funniest Movies of 2011 2012




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  1. dan says:

    Haąåäâãāàáâãą a two yr old could do better

  2. Giridhar says:

    This was just my interpretation of the list, some people may like it and some may not, its all good. So Dan, if you know some 2yr old who can do better then please give us his name, he might be our guest author.

  3. Austin says:

    wow dude all he was saying is that these movies are good yes, but a bit childish. You wouldn’t expect 1-10 yr old’s to surf the internet for funny movies, thus they should of made a list with movies that are funny to id say 15+ yr old’s.

  4. Jaslyn says:

    Yeah tell us the name of that two year old, you loser!

  5. txic.avngr says:

    i don’t mean to sound like that asshole who hates everything, but this list is just…well…terrible, terrible, terrible. hall pass and your highness are the only movies that could maybe belong here.

  6. Your Highness blew chunks. Only aspect that made it watchable was hottie Natalie Portman.

  7. wayne says:

    Nice list…. One of my favorites is one from 2010….. Tucker and dale vs evil….. Two hillbilies on a vacation minding their own business while some college kids camping take them for psycho killers…. Though not from 2011 but i just saw it and it was the funniest movie i saw in 2 yrs……..

  8. callum says:

    youve just copied the tip top ten list

  9. Rachel says:

    this is an awful list.

  10. Moron says:

    WTF, you gay boy, who the fuck likes rango, you must be a 6 year old, learn movies you moron

    PS. name is oxymoron

  11. Spencer says:

    This list sucks, most of these movies are not even funny and are cartoonish with no humour. Rango had like 1 or 2 funny parts. Gnomeo and Juliet is just stupid. Rio is just bad. Diary of a Wimpy Kid is for like 5 year olds and Your Highness has a mint picture but isn’t funny.

  12. rida says:

    A list without Bridesmaids is totally invalid.

  13. cnt flap says:

    This is a retarded list

  14. Kevin says:

    Everyone has their opinion,an opinon can not be wrong,that being said,I dont rate your list,as mentioned there are far too many toddler movies in your list,the adult movies are all terrible commercial movies,most of which flopped at box office for a reason.

  15. Amber says:

    Dumbist list ever!!Gnomeo and juliet is sooo NOT funny!!Rango and Rio So boring movies even for animated!!Actually the whole list sucks!!

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